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Psychology in the Real World is an umbrella term under which a number of groups, courses and ventures have taken place in Shropshire, and increasingly nationwide, over the past decade. Rather than bringing people together because they have a shared problem or diagnosis, Psychology in the Real World ventures bring people together who have a shared interest. For example: Understanding Ourselves and Others brings together people who are interested in exploring a variety of theories about people’s behaviour; The Black Dog and Bipolar Explorers enable people to critique ideas about depression and manic-depression; Toxic Mental Environments brings people together who want to analyse the social causes of distress and try and bring about social change; Thinking about Medication and Out of the Box attracts people who want to discuss a wide range of issues about medication and support each other in coming off psychiatric drugs; Walk and Talk enables participants to access the benefits of being in the countryside and Film club does likewise regarding watching films at a local cinema and discussing their relevance to our lives afterwards in the pub; This is Madness brings people together who want to critique and bring about change in mental health services.

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Film Club for July 2016 - Wednesday 20th July 5.30pm


Walk and Talk 2015 - runs every Thursday setting off at 11am from Frankwell car park by footbridge in Shrewsbury, see poster for further information.


Guy Holmes was recently given the British Psychological Society’s Distinguished Contributions to Psychology in Practice Award. Guy has now retired from mental health work due to ill health but still sometimes comes on Walk and Talk (as a member rather than organiser) and helps run Filmclub.


Members of Walk and Talk were commissioned to write an article on the relevance of David Smail's work to Walk and Talk. This recently appeared in
the Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy, view article here. People who might want to subscribe to this journal can do at www.pccs-books.co.uk 


Two great psychologists and supporters of Psychology in the Real World initiatives have recently died.
David Smail, and members of the Midlands Psychology Group of which he was a founding member, were very helpful in providing a place for the philosophies and practices of Psychology in the Real World groups to be discussed. David’s obituary in The Guardian newspaper was co-written by Paul Moloney who was one of the speakers on the recent
Toxic Mental Environments Course.
To commemorate David we have been invited to contribute an article on
Walk and Talk for a special edition of the Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling & Psychotherapy. The plan is to meet up in the Bucks Head after Walk and Talk on 2nd October for a recorded discussion on the relevance of David’s ideas to our experiences of Walk and Talk, then write this up as a jointly authored article.

Ron Cattrall also died this summer. Ron set up a local drumming group and was very supportive of Psychology in the Real World groups. A
special edition of JCPCP recently came out that includes an obituary of Ron as well as one of his articles and an article by Guy Holmes entitled What is called thinking?
Both Ron and David will be badly missed by people who try to bring all members of the community getting together with the aim of making our world a better place.

Links Obituary
http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/aug/17/david-smail Midlands Psychology Group http://www.midpsy.org/


Ramblings- with Clare Balding

On Monday 27th January 2014 Clare Balding joined us on to make a follow-up programme she made for BBC radio 4's Ramblings programme. She joined us on a walk with ex-members of the walking group run by Tony and Pat for many years, people who have come on
Walk and Talk, and other members of local walking groups. The Ramblings programme aired on Thursday 6th March and saturday 8th March. Click link below to listen to programme.

Ramblings Programme BBC radio 4

walk and talk

Psychology in the Real World facilitator
Guy Holmes is one of Radio 4’s All in the Mind judges for their 25th Anniversary awards. The other judges are: Radio 1 DJ and TV presenter Scott Mills, founder of Star Wards Marion Janner, MP Charles Walker and Claudia Hammond, presenter of the programme.

On 10/12/2013 Guy appeared on
All in the Mind talking about Psychology in the Real World groups and what makes groups therapeutic. You can hear the programme on:

The awards will be announced in the Spring. To find out more see:

psychology in the Real World

Book: Psychology in the Real world Community- based group work. For further information www.pccs-books.co.uk

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