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Psychology in the Real World is an umbrella term under which a number of groups, courses and ventures have taken place in Shropshire, and increasingly nationwide, over the past decade. Rather than bringing people together because they have a shared problem or diagnosis, Psychology in the Real World ventures bring people together who have a shared interest. For example: Understanding Ourselves and Others brings together people who are interested in exploring a variety of theories about people’s behaviour; The Black Dog and Bipolar Explorers enable people to critique ideas about depression and manic-depression; Toxic Mental Environments brings people together who want to analyse the social causes of distress and try and bring about social change; Thinking about Medication and Out of the Box attracts people who want to discuss a wide range of issues about medication and support each other in coming off psychiatric drugs; Walk and Talk enables participants to access the benefits of being in the countryside and Film club does likewise regarding watching films at a local cinema and discussing their relevance to our lives afterwards in the pub; This is Madness brings people together who want to critique and bring about change in mental health services.

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Film Club for October 2016 - Wednesday 26th October 5.30pm


Walk and Talk 2016 - runs every Thursday setting off at 11am from Frankwell car park by footbridge in Shrewsbury, see poster for further information.


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Book: Psychology in the Real world Community- based group work. For further information www.pccs-books.co.uk

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